A Simple Solution for Your Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights

The fear of heights can affect people in many different ways.  For some, it is simply being afraid of very high places.  For others, even the slightest bit of elevation gets to them.  And for some, it’s mostly the fear of flying.  Whatever it is for you, I know it is very real.

I know all of us affected by this fear of heights have to deal with it in some form or another on a near daily basis.  Of all the phobias out there, I think the fear of heights phobia is probably one of the, if not the, most common phobias.  Even though it is so common, the effects can be very different from person to person.

Take me, for example.  In my case, almost any sort of height used to get to me.  Even standing on a chair to get something out of a cabinet would get to my stomach.  Yet others are only affected by being very high up such as a cliff or tall building.  As I mentioned before, this fear of heights, can be very debilitating!  You’ve heard of people freezing up in very high places and having to be rescued?  Now that’s some very real fear!

I personally never experienced that sort of fear probably because I used to avoid that type of height, but I’ve been close on a few occasions.  This phobia is very real for all of us affected, but there are solutions or phobia cures if you will.  When looking for cures for my own fears and phobias, I came across a simple little twenty minute hypnosis session that literally cured my fear of heights phobia in just one week.  If you’d like to see what worked for me, Click Here!

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